The Bull

The Bull
"The term bull market originates from the fighting technique of the bull. When this particular animal fights, he thrusts his horns up into the air. Bull Markets use fighting bulls as a metaphor for the expected rise of the market shares and values."


Bull Market and Europinas

Let the Bull pull the Club out of the blue.  Let numbers give strength to its members.  Let the Club go with the flow as it senses investment optimism in the first month of 2011.

A visit to the Day of the Investor in Amsterdam.
After the storm, there is sunshine.  After the crisis, there is recovery.  Hopefully, EuroPinas will have a timely and prolific start.  Its dedicated members and officers could make the difference.  And with a bit of luck, unity, cooperation, and valuable ideas, the "Epicians" will be able to attain their objectives collectively. 

Dag van de Belegger - Rai Amsterdam
Europinas or Epic is a neophyte and a featherweight in sometimes brutal arena of investments, but it has the will to succeed.  Maybe we can just insinuate that it's too light to slide and too small to fall.  Suffice it to say:  A new David indeed, who is trying to learn and take some small piece of cake from Goliaths of Amsterdam Market.  Having said all these,  the Epicians will have to learn also how to go along with the Bear Market (that is when the market is heading south). 

With Roland Koopman of RTL-Z
Meanwhile, there are enough reasons or advantages to pool our little cash and engage in collective investments.  The economy is showing encouraging signs of recovery.  Worldwide, the Bull is prevailing.  Last but not least, EPIC is now ready to face the exciting challenges.
To our valued Epicians:  Cheers! Good luck!  God bless!


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  1. Congratulations, Jun for starting the EuroPinas Investment Club blog!

    Here's hoping we will meet or even surpass the club's expectations. With everyone's active participation I am sure, we will.